Storm Alert: Thunderstorms on Horizon After Warm Spell in Chicago Area

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Chicago Weather News- As the Chicago area basks in the warmth of temperatures surpassing 60 degrees on Wednesday, residents should brace themselves for the possibility of stormy conditions looming after midnight.

With highs reaching up to 64 degrees, accompanied by south to southwest winds gusting up to 25 mph, the day promises a taste of spring. However, the National Weather Service warns of a 40 to 60 percent chance of thunderstorms after 12 a.m. Thursday, particularly in areas south of I-80.

Following the anticipated rainfall, a wave of cooler weather is expected to sweep through the region, bringing temperatures down after 8 p.m. and into Thursday morning. Despite the temporary cooldown, Thursday is forecasted to see highs of up to 58 degrees, with lows dipping into the mid to low 30s.

Looking ahead, the weekend may start with a brief chill, but temperatures are poised to rebound, with highs once again reaching the upper 50s by Sunday. The trend of mild weather is expected to continue into next week, with temperatures remaining in the 50s and 60s.

Stay informed and prepared as the Chicago area navigates through fluctuating weather patterns, ensuring readiness for any potential storms and temperature shifts in the days ahead.

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