Houston’s Kolache Shoppe Expands to Dallas-Fort Worth: Bringing Sweet Treats to Celina

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Houston's Kolache Shoppe ventures northward to Celina, TX, offering sweet and savory delights to the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Houston’s culinary gem, the Kolache Shoppe, is making waves in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the unveiling of its newest location in Celina. Known for its delightful assortment of sweet kolaches and savory klobasneks, the Kolache Shoppe has captured the hearts and taste buds of Houstonians since its establishment in 1970.

Amidst the bustling food scene of Houston, where restaurants and bars from the Dallas-Fort Worth area have made their mark in recent years, the Kolache Shoppe is now reciprocating the gesture by expanding its reach northward. Nestled in the friendly suburb of Celina, the new location at 605 S. Preston Rd. offers locals a taste of Houston’s culinary legacy.

Franchisees Courtney and Jake Poulsen, with their deep-rooted appreciation for the Kolache Shoppe’s delicious offerings, are thrilled to introduce the brand to the DFW community. Their commitment to community engagement and passion for service align perfectly with the Kolache Shoppe’s values, making Celina the ideal destination for the brand’s expansion.

With the Celina location marking the fourth addition to the Kolache Shoppe family, including its original spot on Richmond Avenue near Weslayan, the brand’s journey from Houston to DFW signifies a momentous milestone. While it’s uncommon for eateries originating in Houston to venture into Dallas, the Kolache Shoppe embraces the opportunity to share its culinary delights with a broader audience.

As co-owner Hiines expresses, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the Kolache Shoppe’s expansion to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With Courtney and Jake’s dedication to community building and their love for the brand’s products, the Kolache Shoppe is poised for success in Celina and beyond.

For DFW residents craving a taste of Houston’s beloved kolaches and klobasneks, the Kolache Shoppe in Celina promises an authentic culinary experience that embodies the spirit of Texas hospitality. As the brand continues to grow and flourish, it invites locals to indulge in the simple pleasures of freshly baked treats and heartfelt camaraderie.

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