😮 Guess Where Happy Medium’s Secret New Location Is Opening! 🤔🔍

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Photograph: courtesy of Happy Medium

Happy Medium, the iconic cafe known for fostering creativity in the Lower East Side, is spreading its wings with a new location in Brooklyn. Recognizing the overwhelming demand at their Manhattan spot, the owners are excited to bring their unique blend of coffee and creativity to Greenpoint.

If you’ve ever struggled to snag a spot at the bustling LES location, you’ll be relieved to hear about the expansion. The new Brooklyn spot promises the same vibrant atmosphere and curated activities that have made Happy Medium a favorite among artists and coffee enthusiasts alike.

In a recent Instagram announcement, the cafe shared a sneak peek of their new space, complete with a spacious backyard primed for “artsy fartsy stuff.” From figure drawing classes to pottery sessions, Happy Medium offers a diverse range of activities aimed at nurturing the creative spirit.

TikTok has played a significant role in the cafe’s success, with Happy Medium positioning itself as an “arts club for casual artists.” Embracing imperfection and championing creativity for its own sake, the cafe has carved out a unique niche in New York’s bustling cultural scene.

The decision to expand to Greenpoint was driven by customer feedback, with the neighborhood emerging as the top choice for a new location. As renovations progress, Happy Medium anticipates welcoming patrons to their Brooklyn outpost by spring, promising a fresh space for artistic exploration and community building.

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