NYC Ranked Noisiest City in US, Jersey City Close Behind: Study

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NEW YORK CITY – New York City has earned the title of the noisiest city in the United States, with Jersey City following closely behind, according to a recent study by Steel Guard Safety.

The study analyzed various factors contributing to noise pollution, including traffic density, population density, public transit, construction projects, nightlife, and public parks. New York City emerged as the noisiest due to its high number of construction permits issued per capita and a dense concentration of bars and clubs.

Jersey City ranked third in the study, trailing behind Chicago, primarily due to its significant public transit infrastructure and construction activity. Despite having fewer flights and construction projects than Chicago, Jersey City experiences high levels of noise pollution, especially during peak traffic hours.

Steel Guard Safety highlighted Jersey City’s notorious traffic congestion, with an average one-way commute of nearly 38 minutes, contributing to its noisy environment.

Newark, New Jersey, secured the fourth position in the ranking, boasting similar construction activity but with lower population density and fewer entertainment establishments compared to Jersey City.

Overall, the study sheds light on the pervasive issue of noise pollution in urban areas like New York City and its neighboring cities, emphasizing the need for effective noise control measures to improve quality of life for residents.

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