Silencio Parisian Nightclub Debuts in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen

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Silencio, the renowned Parisian nightclub, makes its debut in NYC's Hell's Kitchen. (Photograph: Pauline Shapiro).

A slice of Parisian nightlife is set to make its mark on the vibrant streets of New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. Silencio, the iconic nightclub originally conceived by acclaimed director David Lynch, is poised to open its doors at 303 West 57th Street, near Columbus Circle, tomorrow, February 15.

Named after the enigmatic club featured in Lynch’s film “Mulholland Drive,” Silencio has become a symbol of sophistication and allure in Paris and Ibiza. Now, founders Arnaud Frisch and Antoine Caton are bringing the essence of Silencio to the heart of Manhattan, aiming to captivate New York’s diverse and discerning nightlife scene.

The nightclub’s European counterparts blend elements of exclusive private membership clubs with vibrant nocturnal entertainment. However, Silencio New York appears to emphasize its role as a premier nightlife destination, operating from 11pm to 4am on Thursdays through Saturdays.

Guests can anticipate a dynamic lineup of live musical performances and electrifying DJ sets, promising an unforgettable experience on the dance floor. Designed by renowned architect Harry Nuriev, the space mirrors the opulent ambiance of its Parisian counterpart, with a golden dance floor illuminated by captivating metallic partitions.

Surrounding the main room are intimate chambers adorned in a rich, mysterious red, providing secluded spaces for revelers to unwind and engage in conversation. The choice of location, nestled between Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen, reflects Silencio’s penchant for unexpected locales, reminiscent of the legendary Studio 54 era.

As Silencio prepares to make its mark on the New York nightlife landscape, anticipation runs high for a venue that promises to redefine the city’s after-dark experience with its Parisian flair and allure.

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