Welcome to today's NYT Connections puzzle hints! Explore the clues for February 17, 2024.

Get ready to solve today's puzzle! Can you decipher the connections between the words?

Yellow Group - Bit of Hair - Group the words related to a chunk of hair.

Green Group - Media Attention - Discover words related to media attention.

Blue Group - Noun Suffixes - Identify words related to noun suffixes.

Purple Group - Circus - Explore words linked by a circus association.

Today's puzzle categories include 'Bit of Hair,' 'Media Attention,' 'Noun Suffixes,' and 'Circus. - Can you find the connections?

Answers - Yellow group: CURL, LOCK, RINGLET, TRESS - Green group: COVERAGE, EXPOSURE, PRESS, PUBLICITY - Blue group: DOM, ION, NESS, SHIP - Purple group: FAMILY, FLEA, FLYING, MEDIA