Welcome to today's NYT Connections puzzle hints! Explore the clues for February 18, 2024.

Get ready to solve today's puzzle! Can you decipher the connections between the words?

Yellow Group - Eat a Little - Group the words related to eating a little.

Green Group - Pursue - Discover words related to pursuing.

Blue Group - Ingredients in Minestrone - Identify words related to ingredients in minestrone.

Purple Group - ____cast - Explore words linked by a specific type of cast.

Puzzle Overview Today's puzzle categories include 'Eat a Little,' 'Pursue,' 'Ingredients in Minestrone,' and '____cast.' - Can you find the connections?

Todays Answers - Yellow group: GRAZE, NIBBLE, PECK, SNACK - Green group: HUNT, STALK, TRACK, TRAIL - Blue group: BEANS, PASTA, STOCK, VEGETABLES - Purple group: BROAD, FORE, POD, TYPE

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