How and When to Catch a Glimpse of the Snow Moon in LA This Weekend

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Snow Moon News 2024

Snow Moon News 2024: LA, – As February unfolds, the celestial stage is set for one of nature’s captivating displays: the Snow Moon. Amidst the United States’ snowiest month, Southern Californians may not witness snow on the ground, but they can marvel at the luminous glow of the Snow Moon painting the night sky.

A regular feature in the lunar calendar, the Snow Moon graces the heavens each February. But why “Snow Moon”? Many Native American cultures bestowed this name upon February’s full moon due to the heavy snowfall typically blanketing the landscape during this period. According to the National Weather Service, February reigns as the snowiest month across the United States.

However, the Snow Moon isn’t solely confined to wintry associations. Various cultures have christened it with other names, such as the Hungry Moon, as the Cherokee referred to it, symbolizing a time of food scarcity in late winter. NASA lists additional monikers including the Storm Moon, Wolf Moon, and Candles Moon, each weaving its own narrative into the tapestry of lunar lore.

What makes this Snow Moon particularly special? In 2024, the moon assumes the role of a “micromoon,” orbiting at its farthest distance from Earth. Positioned approximately 252,225 miles away, this lunar spectacle may appear slightly smaller than its full-moon counterparts, yet no less enchanting in its celestial dance.

For those eager to witness the Snow Moon’s radiance, mark your calendars for the night of Friday, Feb. 23, through the early morning hours of Saturday, Feb. 24. While its peak illumination coincides with daytime in North America, avid skywatchers can catch its ascent shortly after moonrise on Saturday night, with the moon expected to grace Los Angeles skies at 6:07 p.m. As dusk descends, the Snow Moon will ascend in the eastern horizon, reaching its zenith around midnight, casting its silvery glow over the city of angels.

As the Snow Moon bids adieu, another lunar luminary awaits its moment in the celestial spotlight. March heralds the arrival of the Worm Moon, illuminating the nights of Sunday, March 24, and Monday, March 25, marking the inaugural full moon of the spring season.

Embrace the celestial wonders unfolding above and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of the Snow Moon, a fleeting yet unforgettable spectacle in the tapestry of the night sky.

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