Los Angeles City Council Proposes Incentives for Larger Apartments in New Housing Developments

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Proposed incentive program aims to encourage construction of larger family units in Los Angeles

In response to decades of overcrowded housing issues in Los Angeles, the City Council is proposing a new initiative to incentivize the construction of larger family units in apartment buildings. This initiative aims to address the shortage of three- and four-bedroom rental units, making it easier for larger households to find appropriate and affordable housing.

Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian introduced a motion on February 9 to create a density bonus incentive program. The program would exempt the square footage of additional bedrooms and restrooms from floor area calculations, allowing for the construction of larger family units without exceeding zoning restrictions. It would also require a 99-year covenant to ensure that these units remain affordable for households earning up to 120 percent of the area median income.

The proposed initiative recognizes the need for a diverse mix of housing types across the city, including rental opportunities for families, seniors, persons with disabilities, and multi-generational households. By providing incentives for larger apartments, the City Council hopes to accommodate the changing needs of residents, including the shift to remote work and the rise of multi-generational living arrangements.

This initiative comes at a crucial time for Los Angeles as the city faces pressure to accommodate thousands of new homes in the coming years. Planning officials are working to implement new zoning regulations and programs, including a citywide adaptive reuse ordinance, to address the housing shortage and promote affordable housing options for all residents.

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